Dr. Dhavalkumar Patel, IAS Date of Appointment Apr 06, 2018 MESSAGE FROM THE COLLECTOR Message from the Collector According to section 8 of the Mumbai Land Revenue Act, 1879, the state government appoints the collector. In the Greater Mumbai State, the Divisional Commissioner supervised the implementation of the Land Revenue Act. The post of the Divisional Commissioner was removed from 15 August 1950 and the power of the Land Revenue Act and other rules was entrusted to the collector and accordingly the Collector was given the responsibility to implement the provisions of various laws in his district. There is an important link between the government and the public for the implementation of the administration and the implementation of the law. Over time, the burden of work on the collector has increased. The collector plays a very important role in the administration of the district as the district level direct representative of the government. The collector coordinates all other departments of the entire district so they are also considered as the district's main coordinating officer. Administration in recent times has become faster and citizens have been given a central place in it. Today's demand is that the maximum use of information and communication technologies to meet the expectations from the public administration system can make the administration more and more transparent, efficient and pro-people Dr. Dhavalkumar Patel, IAS Collector, Surat